eurobahn trains

In order to provide modern and innovative local rail passenger transport, it goes without saying that eurobahn uses only modern, reliable trains. These are chosen according to the volume of traffic on the respective routes, as well as geographical factors.

The train interior is equipped with comfortable seating and ample space for bicycles, pushchairs and heavy luggage. In addition to a ticket machine in every train, electronic information displays and audio announcements ensure that customers are kept informed.

Our railcars in detail

The trains used in East Westphalia-Lippe are TALENT local passenger trains manufactured by Bombardier Transportation

  • RB 67 Münster - Bielefeld: "Der Warendorfer"
  • RB 71 Bielefeld - Rahden: "Die Ravensberger Bahn"
  • RB 73 Bielefeld - Lemgo: "Der Lipperländer"
  • RE 82 Bielefeld - Dettmold - Altenbeken: "Der Leineweber"

The Talent railcar

FLIRT trains by Stadler are used on all lines in the Hellweg network and Maas-Rhine-Lippe network.

  • RE 3  Hamm - Düsseldorf: "Rhein-Emscher-Express
  • RE13 Hamm - Düsseldorf - Venlo: "Maas-Wupper-Express"
  • RB 50 Münster - Dortmund: "Der Lüner"
  • RB 59 Münster - Soest: "Hellweg-Bahn"
  • RB 69 Münster - Hamm - Bielefeld: "Ems-Börde-Bahn"
  • RB 89 Münster - Hamm - Warburg - Kassel: "Ems-Börde-Bahn"

The FLIRT railcar