Passenger rights

We aim to ensure that you reach your destination safely, conveniently and on time every day. Unfortunately we cannot always prevent delays. If you have experienced a delay, please accept our sincere apologies.

Standardised nationwide passenger rights for rail passengers throughout Germany came into effect on 29 July 2009. Rail transport includes all trains – from urban trains to regional transport and ICE trains – regardless of which rail company is operating them. You therefore also have these rights when you travel on our trains.

Your rights are based on your ticket and journey. You are entitled to compensation for a series of journeys made on trains operated by different companies for which one ticket is used. It therefore makes no difference whether you travelled solely on our trains or whether you travelled for some of the journey on trains operated by other companies. Your right to compensation applies to the train journey stipulated on your ticket, i.e. the cause and effect of the damage must have been brought about by the train journey (e.g. delays).

For further information, visit

Please send the completed form with all of the necessary documents to the following address:
Servicecenter Fahrgastrechte
60647 Frankfurt am Main

You must enclose the following documents with the form:

  • The completed and signed form
  • Your ticket or a copy of the ticket
  • Proof of cost, if the cost is not printed on the ticket (except the Mobility BahnCard 100)
  • Original ICE Sprinter premium ticket, if applicable

NRW Mobility Guarantee

In addition to the passenger rights stipulated above, you also have recourse to the Mobility Guarantee if you have purchased a ticket from one of the regional transport associations (VRR, VRS, AVV, VGM/VRL, OWLV, VPH, VGWS, VGN) or from the NRW tariff. This applies if your means of transport departs from your point of departure more than 20 minutes later than stated in the applicable timetable and if at the same time there is no suitable alternative which will allow you to reach your destination by bus or train.

The transport companies in North Rhine-Westphalia have again expanded the existing reimbursement regulations:

During the day (5am to 8pm), you will now be reimbursed for taxi costs up to €25 per person; in the evenings (8pm to 5am), taxi costs will be reimbursed up to a maximum of €50 per person.

Please do not forget

  • to submit the completed request form within 14 calendar days
  • to enclose the completed taxi receipt, including route information and number of passengers, or the original ticket
  • to enclose a copy of the Ticket (season ticket only), if applicable.


Schlichtungsstelle Nahverkehr NRW ("North Rhine-Westphalia local transport conciliation body")

If we were unable to resolve your issue by mutual agreement, you can contact the Schlichtungsstelle Nahverkehr ("local transport conciliation body") of North Rhine-Westphalia: