Take the train on a journey of culinary discovery!

All kinds of fun and culinary experiences await you in places where the eurobahn stops every day. Why not get off and discover them? eurobahn has put together a wide selection of exciting restaurants that you can find on eurobahn lines and that are within walking distance of the stations. Take a culinary train trip for two or with friends and go on a journey of discovery. Because the fun begins on the train!

Get on the eurobahn in Dortmund, for example, and travel to Münster for a meal by the harbour or in the old town. Or get on at Bielefeld and travel to Rahden for some delicious asparagus. Why not try something new? There are bound to be many great restaurants that you have yet to discover.

Our ticket tips

Discover the region's wide range of restaurants with our fare offers:

A TagesTicket (day ticket) for one person or up to five people allows unlimited travel (2nd class) on local buses and trains within the chosen area of validity on the day the ticket is validated until 3am the following day.

For journeys within one network, you can travel most cost-effectively with the TagesTicket (day ticket) on the tariff of that network. You can find detailed information regarding tickets and prices at:

For journeys within North Rhine-Westphalia that go beyond network boundaries, the TagesTicket (day ticket) on the NRW tariff is the best option. You can find detailed information regarding tickets and fares on the NRW tariff at www.busse-und-bahnen.nrw.de.

You can purchase tickets for individual networks and NRW tickets:

  • from the ticket machines in eurobahn train stations and trains
  • in eurobahn customer centres and customer centres of other transport companies
  • VRR and NRW tickets can also be purchased online and via mobile apps

If you have any questions on how to operate the ticket machines, please ask a member of our on-board train staff or ask at our customer centres in Hamm or Düsseldorf. You can also find information at www.eurobahn.de/tickets-tarife.