eurobahn is first class – with important certification that attests to the fact that the company adheres to high safety and energy management standards. In addition, we're working to improve every day. You can count on us.

Energy management

In addition, eurobahn holds energy management certification in accordance with DIN ISO 50001 (since December 2016). The standard aims to analyse and optimise all energy-related procedures and processes in a company. The certification proves that we have systems in place to fully exploit energy saving potential and meet environmentally-friendly energy targets. Your journey with eurobahn is not only safe, but – within our capabilities – it's clean.

Safety management

eurobahn holds safety management system certification in accordance with 2004/49/EC and 1158/2010/EC, European Directives that determine whether a railway undertaking is capable of providing safe rail transport. The safety certification comprises a "Part A", which applies across the whole of Europe, and a "Part B" which applies to the the individual member state. We have the following certifications:

  • Safety certificate Part A + B in Germany (since November 2013)
  • Safety certificate Part B in the Netherlands (expected from December 2017)