Our mission statement is what drives us

Shared values form the foundation of our company culture and our behaviour in our working lives. They allow us to work efficiently, think towards the future and to make conscious choices. They also influence how we deal and work together with our passengers, colleagues, public authorities and external providers. Together, we are committed to this responsibility.

Our guiding principles

In times of high competition, we strive for continuous, intelligent growth. We develop forward-looking, efficient concepts for the future of mobility. Our international network allows us to continuously exchange innovative ideas. We strive to be one of the best: we are active, approachable and set high standards.

We are ambitious!

The human factors mean a lot to us – and we value our employees and support continual cooperation. Individual support and motivation are hugely significant. Our employees are all genuine people, who are perfectly placed to handle any questions, wishes and events, and who think outside the box to ensure the well-being of their customers.

We care!

Safety, punctuality and service set us apart in our daily operations. We reliably meet the expectations of our passengers and transport authorities with skill and dedication. For us, trust means a positive experience with eurobahn – before, during and after the journey.

We keep our promises!

Konformité – attitude and commitment

Jean-Pierre Farandou, CEO

I am counting on every Keolis manager and employee to have the right attitude in every situation.

Konformité – attitude and commitment

As a socially responsible company, ethical business practices are the foundation of our growth. From employees to management, at Keolis we are all committed to the Group's compliance programme. Konformité, our guide to good business practices, specifies which basic principles and regulations should be observed and what is prohibited by the company or by law.

The three principles of the compliance programme

Konformité focuses on three principles that proactively contribute to risk avoidance and risk management:

  1. Strict adherence to open and fair competition
  2. Fraud and corruption prevention
  3. Data protection