RE 3 and RE 13: improved safety from 7pm

From September we are providing additional staff on our trains between Venlo, Düsseldorf and Hamm. All trains travelling from 7pm will have at least one crew member on board, with certain services having two crew members.

Passengers on lines RE 3 (Hamm - Dortmund - Gelsenkirchen - Düsseldorf) and RE 13 (Hamm - Hagen - Wuppertal - Düsseldorf - Venlo (NL)) will benefit from the increase in train staff.

More train crew members help you feel safer

Keolis Managing Director Thomas Görtzen welcomes this decision: "Safety on our lines is not only achieved thanks to the train's technical aspects. The train crew have a great influence on how safe passengers feel on our trains." He adds: "This increase is the right thing to do. It is necessary and increases the safety of both our passengers and our staff."

"The key to improving safety on regional transport is more staff members. The personal safety of passengers is a decisive factor for them when deciding whether or not to use public transport", says VRR spokesperson Martin Husmann. "Currently the amount of staff is often increased on selected lines at certain times of day, in particular in the evenings and at night. The aim is to use various measures to further improve how safe passengers feel", adds Husmann.