Lower Saxony tariff

For further information, visit www.niedersachsentarif.de.

In 2013, the Lower Saxony tariff was introduced as the common local transport tariff for the railway companies operating there. It applies on all connections within Lower Saxony as well as on journeys between Lower Saxony and Hamburg or Bremen.

Tickets can be purchased:

  • At DB, metronom, evb, NordWestBahn and eurobahn ticket machines
  • As a mobile ticket in the DB Navigator app
  • as an online ticket from www.bahn.de

When making your selection, the price for the selected connection will be shown in the Lower Saxony tariff.


  • Single tickets
  • Return tickets
  • Tickets for children
  • Group tickets (from six people)
  • Lower Saxony ticket and Lower Saxony ticket plus Groningen
  • Bicycle day tickets

Season tickets:

  • Transferable/individual weekly, monthly and annual season tickets
  • Weekly and monthly tickets for school children/interns/volunteers/students, also available as an annual season ticket and
  • for selected routes bus/rail season tickets (entire season ticket selection not always available).

Monthly tickets allow you to travel with one other person and three children/grandchildren.

Lower Saxony ticket

With the Lower Saxony ticket you can travel through Lower Saxony, Bremen and Hamburg with up to four other paying passengers for an entire day. For €23 plus €5 per additional passenger on all local transport trains and public transport on many transport networks. The Lower Saxony ticket is of course also recognised on our trains.