NRW tariff

  • The tariff terms and conditions and conditions of carriage of the NRW tariff are applicable.
  • The NRW tariff applies to all connections within North Rhine-Westphalia that go beyond the boundaries of the network area.
  • The tariff entitles ticket holders to use buses, trams and undergrounds in the places of departure and arrival.
  • Flat rate tickets have no specified place of departure or destination. Place of departure and destination must be specified upon purchase of relative price tickets.
  • All tickets in the NRW tariff are recognised on our trains.
  • Both flat rate tickets of all kinds (SchönerTagTicket/"nice day ticket", SchönerTagTicket Single, SchöneFahrtTicket/"nice trip ticket", FahrradTicket NRW/"NRW bicycle ticket", SchöneFerienTicket/"nice holiday ticket") and the SchöneReiseTicket/"nice journey ticket" to all destinations in North Rhine-Westphalia and Osnabrück can be purchased on the train.

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