Bicycle carriage

Like travelling with your bicycle? You can do that with eurobahn too. Bringing your bike onto our trains is generally welcome, although this is restricted by the space available. Each person can bring one bicycle with them and they must also have a bicycle ticket.

Number of bicycle spaces on our trains

RE 3 and RE 13: maximum 30 bicycle spaces in several multi-purpose areas

RB 50, RB 59, RB 69, RB 89: maximum 30 bicycle spaces in several multi-purpose areas

RB 67, RB 71, RB 73 and RE 82: maximum 9 bicycle spaces in several multi-purpose areas

RB 61, RB 65, RB 66, RB 72, RE 78 depending on the capacity limit of the respective line 15 to 30 bicycle spaces in several multi-purpose areas

Other considerations:

  • You can also bring e-bikes, pedelecs, tandems, recumbent bicycles and tricycles on board with you as long as there is space in the designated bicycle areas.
  • We are not obliged to transport bicycles. Wheelchair users and passengers with pushchairs always have priority. The train crew will decide whether or not there is enough space for bicycles.
  • Folded bicycles are classed as hand luggage.
  • Bikes with engines (e.g. motorbikes or mopeds) may not be brought onto public transport.
  • Thank you for understanding that times of use may be restricted.
  • The exact conditions for bringing a bicycle on board NRW local transport are outlined in clause 9.5 of the conditions of carriage.
  • Side pockets must be removed before boarding.
  • Generally, rail replacement buses cannot carry bicycles.
  • Reservations are not possible. However, we would appreciate it if you could inform us if you are travelling in a large group so that our customer representatives can help you board the multi-use areas quickly and easily with your bicycles.