Tariff information

The ticket prices within the tariff regions are uniformly regulated, meaning you can benefit from all applicable regional public transport offers with one ticket – across all companies and modes of transport.

Ticket machines on board trains

P.S.: All tickets can be purchased from our modern ticket machines on board all trains, with the exception of trains on lines RE 3 and RE 13. It is not possible to purchase tickets on board these trains, but you can purchase them from the ticket machines available before you board.

You can find current tariff information on the regional transport networks' websites or at DB Travel Centres. You can also get more information from our Hotline or the Smart Number for Bus & Rail: +49 (0)1806 50 40 30 (landline 20 cents/call, mobile max. 60 cents/call).

Westphalia tariff

The Westphalia tariff combines all fare offers in Westphalia-Lippe and removes tariff boundaries.

VRR tariff

The VRR tariff combines all fare offers in the Ruhr area, the Lower Rhine region, Bergisches Land and Düsseldorf.

Lower Saxony tariff

The Lower Saxony tariff is the state fare for local rail transport in Lower Saxony, Bremen and Hamburg.

NRW tariff

The NRW tariff removes barriers between bus and train, as well as any regional transport network restrictions.