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RE 3 and RE 13: improved safety from 7pm

From September we are providing additional staff on our trains between Venlo, Düsseldorf and Hamm. All trains travelling from 7pm will have at least one crew member on board, with certain services having two crew members.

Growth at Keolis / eurobahn

Almost everyone who uses regional trains in East Westphalia knows the name eurobahn. But who knows Keolis? The company is the largest private provider of public regional rail passenger transport in North Rhine-Westphalia, but as the brand name eurobahn appears on its trains, the company behind them is completely unknown to many.

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RE 3

Düsseldorf Dortmund Hamm

RE 13

Venlo Düsseldorf Hamm

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Münster Warendorf Bielefeld

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Münster Hamm Bielefeld

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RE 82

Bielefeld Detmold Altenbeken

RB 89

Münster Hamm Paderborn