RB 50: Der Lüner

The Lüner railway runs on the route from Münster to Dortmund via Lünen. The line runs along part of the Dortmund-Enschede route, and from Preußen station in Lünen-Horstmar it runs on the Preußen-Münster route.

Key data

Route 60 km
Stations 11
Train Flirt
RB 50

Der Lüner

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Switching optionRE 3RB 50RB 59
Address Dortmund Hbf
Königswall 15
44137 Dortmund
Pre-registration for the mobility service: 01806 512 512
Address Dortmund-Kirchderne
Rüschebrink Str.
44143 Dortmund
Address Dortmund-Derne
Hostedder Str.
44329 Dortmund
Address Lünen-Preußen
Preußenstr. 1
44532 Lünen
Address Lünen Hbf
Münsterstr. 50
44534 Lünen
Address Werne (a. d. Lippe)
Am Bahnhof
59368 Werne (a. d. Lippe)
Address Capelle (Westf)
Am Bahnhof 7
59394 Nordkirchen-Capelle
Address Ascheberg (Westf)
Breil 12
59387 Ascheberg
Address Davensberg
Zum Bahnhof
59387 Ascheberg-Davensberg
Address Münster-Amelsbüren
Deermannstr. 40
48163 Münster-Amelsbüren
Switching optionRB 50RB 65RB 66RB 69RB 67RB 89
Address Münster (Westf) Hbf
Berliner Platz 8-10
48143 Münster
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Pre-registration for the mobility service: 01806 512 512

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