RE 82: Der Leineweber

The Leineweber railway travels between Bielefeld, Detmold and Altenbeken. You can change at Altenbeken for trains to Kassel – a useful hub for long-distance travel where you can change for trains to Frankfurt, Munich, Würzburg and Stuttgart.

Key data

Route 60 km
Stations 11
Train Talent
RE 82

Der Leineweber

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Switching optionRB 61RB 67RB 69RB 71RB 73RE 78
Address Bielefeld Hbf
Am Bahnhof 1b
33602 Bielefeld
Current departures
Current arrivals
DB Travel Center:

Mobile service:
Pre-registration for the mobility service: 01806 512 512
Address Bielefeld Ost
Am Ostbahnhof 1
33609 Bielefeld
Address Oldentrup
Oldentruper Straße
33719 Bielefeld
Address Ubbedissen
Pyrmonter Str. 26
33699 Bielefeld
Switching optionRB 73RE 82
Address Oerlinghausen
Bahnhofstr. 12-14
33813 Leopoldshöhe
Address Helpup
Bahnhofstr. 64a
33813 Oerlinghausen
Address Ehlenbruch
Ehlenbrucher Str. 56
32791 Lage
Switching optionRB 72RB 73RE 82
Address Lage (Lippe)
Elisabethstr. 2b
32791 Lage
Switching optionRB 72RE 82
Address Detmold
Bahnhofstr. 8
32756 Detmold
Switching optionRE 82RB 72
Address Horn-Bad Meinberg
Am Bahnhof 2
32805 Horn-Bad Meinberg
Switching optionRB 72RE 82RB 89
Address Altenbeken
Bahnhofstr. 13
33184 Altenbeken
Pre-registration for the mobility service: 01806 512 512

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