RB 65: Ems-Bahn

From December 2017, eurobahn will be operating the RB 65, which travels between Münster and Rheine. Passengers will still enjoy the usual comfort, along with a new station as the train will now also stop at Münster Zentrum Nord.

Key data

Route 39 km
Stations 8
Train Flirt
RB 65


timetable as of 11.12.2022pdf 227 KB
timetable as of 10.12.2023pdf 227 KB


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Switching optionRB 61RB 65
Address Rheine
Am Hauptbahnhofe 2
48431 Rheine
Pre-registration for the mobility service: 01806 512 512
Address Rheine-Mesum
Industriestr. 22
48432 Rheine-Mesum
Address Emsdetten
Hengeloplatz 9
48282 Emsdetten
Address Reckenfeld
Bahnhofstr. 67
48268 Greven-Reckenfeld
Address Greven
Biederlackstr. 6
48268 Greven
Address Münster-Sprakel
Sprakelerstr. 3
48127 Münster-Sprakel
Address Münster Zentrum Nord
Albrecht-Thaer-Str. 14a
48147 Münster-Zentrum Nord
Switching optionRB 50RB 65RB 66RB 69RB 67RB 89
Address Münster (Westf) Hbf
Berliner Platz 8-10
48143 Münster
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Pre-registration for the mobility service: 01806 512 512

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