Mobility guarantee

We are dedicated to ensuring that you always reach your destination on time and to sticking to the departure times stated on our timetables. Despite our best efforts, we regret that unforeseen delays can sometimes occur. In these cases you have the opportunity to take advantage of the NRW transport authorities' mobility guarantees.

If your train is delayed by over 20 minutes at your departure station or cancelled completely, you can use a long-distance train service (IC/EC or ICE) or take a taxi. The costs will be refunded thanks to the mobility guarantee – long-distance trains will be refunded in full and refunds for taxis will be €25.00 during the day or up to €50.00 in the evening or during the night (8pm to 5am) per person. This service, which is valid throughout North Rhine-Westphalia, ensures that you reach your destination no matter what.

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Die Mobilitätsgarantie kann nur mit gültigem Ticket der folgenden Tarife in Anspruch genommen werden: 

  • Nordrhein-Westfälische Verbundtarife (VRR, VRS, AVV, Westfalentarif)
  • NRW-Tarif

Bei streik- oder unwetterbedingten Ausfällen sowie Bombendrohungen findet die Mobilitätsgarantie keine Anwendung.
Ebenso greift diese nicht, wenn Alternativverbindungen genutzt werden können oder ein Anschlusszug aufgrund einer Verspätung nicht erreicht werden kann. 
Eine anteilige Erstattung von Ticketpreisen ist nicht Bestandteil der Mobilitätsgarantie. Entschädigungen im nationalen Eisenbahnverkehr werden von den Fahrgastrechen abgedeckt.

Weitere Informationen zur Mobilitätsgarantie NRW erhalten Sie unter:

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Um Ihre Kosten für die alternativen Verkehrsmittel erstattet zu bekommen, verwenden Sie bitte das offizielle Antragsformular, das Sie hier downloaden können.

Mobilitätsgarantie NRW

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Please fill in all sections of the form in block capitals. Only fully completed and signed applications can be processed.
  2. Attach the original local transport ticket or taxi receipt (one original receipt per person). If using a season ticket (e.g. monthly or job ticket), you can simply attach a copy.
  3. Please submit all documents to the transport company that caused the delay within 14 calendar days of the event. For Keolis, please send your documents to:
    Keolis Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG
    eurobahn Customer Service Centre
    Unionstraße 3
    59067 Hamm
  4. Once we have approved your application, we will transfer the refund to your account.

You can find further information about the NRW mobility guarantee here:

The travel guarantee does not include partial refunds of travel costs. Refunds for national rail network services are covered by your passenger rights.

NRW local transport conciliation body

If we were unable to resolve your issue by mutual agreement, you can contact the local transport conciliation body of North Rhine-Westphalia:

Our company is a member of the local transport conciliation body. You can contact them in case of any disputes. The local transport conciliation body is currently in the validation process to become a consumer conciliation body and should soon be recorded in the list of recognised conciliation bodies. Until the local transport conciliation body has been officially recognised as a consumer conciliation body, we will not participate in any proceedings before a consumer conciliation body. As soon as the local transport conciliation body is officially recognised, we will name them the official consumer conciliation body for the company.