FLIRT stands for "Fast Light Innovative Regional Train" and is manufactured by the Swiss rail manufacturer Stadler Flirt for S-Bahn and regional transport. The low-floor trains have high acceleration and good braking capability with low mass.

Key data

Seats 181-273
Power 2,600 kW
Maximum speed 160 km/h
Total weight (empty) 105.2-144.8 t
Length over coupling 58,166-90,378 mm
Width 2,880 mm
Gauge 1,435 mm


  • Three-unit, four-unit and five-unit electric trains with Jacobs bogies
  • Multiple traction with up to four railcars
  • Extremely smooth-running
  • Air-conditioned interior
  • Low floors throughout, meaning no steps on the train (until the areas behind the engine room at the end of coaches A and B)
  • Four multipurpose areas for wheelchairs, pushchairs and bicycles, including two large areas with accessible toilet
  • Two accessible toilets
  • On-board CCTV
  • Modern ticket machine (except for RE 3 and RE 13)
  • Electric sockets in first class and some in second class